Coronavirus: plague-stricken yacht to the port of Oakland

Cruise ship Grand Princess, was held at sea and allowed to return to San Francisco last week due to an outbreak of coronavirus ships, has been directed to the nearest port of Oakland, the cruise line said on Saturday, likely to be placed under quarantine.

ship, carrying some 2,400 passengers and 1,100 crew, due to reach Oakland, San Francisco Bay from its original home port of destination, on Monday, with arrival time has not been determined, Princess Cruises said in a statement.

A small number of Irish people were on board.

Late night announcement came after four days of uncertainty surrounding the ship – the ship has been linked to at least four cases of coronavirus from a previous trip – and the fate of 3,500 people who returned from a cruise to Hawaii.

Princess Cruises, a unit of the world’s leading cruise operators, Carnival Corp., said the information about the purpose of the revision ships coming from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is coordinating the operation with state and local officials.

Time statement, just minutes after notice, suggesting that the arrangement remains in flux.

The first notice of the company said the Grand Princess is to “continue to the Port of Oakland on Sunday to launch a landing requiring acute medical care and hospitalization.”

medical facilities
He went on to say passengers will be “transported to a medical facility in California. ”

Citing information from the governor’s Office of Emergency Services, the previous statement also said that all the remaining passengers will get off the ship on Monday.

Passengers from California, he said, it will go to the “federal government-operated facility in California for testing and isolation, while non-California will be transported by the federal government to facilities in other countries.”
“The crew will be quarantined and treated in the ship,” he said.

Update issued a few minutes later saying “The CDC has just informed us that further modification of the plan is required” and that the ship will arrive in Oakland on Monday instead. No mention is made of the quarantine details described in the previous notification.

Among those aboard was Co Donegal native Pat Kelly, who is the second officer on the cruiser.

Mr. Kelly is from Moville and just left town last month to return to the sea after spending Christmas and New Year there. He trained at the National Maritime College in Ringaskiddy, Cork.

A local source said that Mr Kelly had been in touch with family and friends in Co. Donegal to let them now that he is in good health.

“He is fine and he has been in touch by telephone to convince his family that,” the source said.

“Pat is still young but he is a very experienced sailor and has been on the ocean all her life. He has risen through the ranks quickly. It’s just another challenge he will take on board and get on with it. ”

The situation is reminiscent of the Grand Princess cruise ship Diamond Princess, also owned by Carnival, which quarantined off Japan in February and for a time the largest concentration of coronavirus cases outside of China, where the outbreak originated. About 700 people on board were infected and six died.

A spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs said: “The consulate in San Francisco are in touch with local authorities and monitoring the situation closely.

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