Favipiravir assist in the recovery of patients coronavirus, says China

Avigan or Favipiravir influenza drug has been effective in helping patients recover coronavirus, with virtually no side effects, the Chinese ministry of science and technology said earlier this week.

Better known for its cameras, Fujifilm developed Avigan (name of drug) and a patent license for favipiravir to the Chinese company Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceuticals.

An official at the China Science and Technology Ministry, Zhang Xinmin, said on Tuesday that several clinical trials have been completed on favipiravir – the main ingredient in cold medications Avigan, the Fujifilm market.

Test using the drug as a treatment for COVID-19 showed “excellent clinical outcomes,” the official told a news conference.

An experiment involving 80 cases were carried out by a hospital in Shenzhen and a study of 120 cases led by the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University both showed the drug shortens recovery time for patients.

Clinical trials using Avigan as a treatment for this virus have also started in Japan.

Fujifilm shares soar

Japanese company Fujifilm Holdings shares sky-rocketed on Wednesday after the drug has the support of the Chinese government.

Fujifilm Holdings shares started the day untraded due to a glut of buy orders, before it jumped 15.4 percent to 5,238 yen, the highest level allowed for trading for the day.

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