Italian toll coronavirus jumped as global deaths pass 6,000

Italy Sunday largest recorded daily death toll from the novel coronavirus, which has now claimed more than 6,000 people worldwide, forcing European governments to tighten controls.

The death toll in Italy was shot by 368 to 1809 – more than half of all cases recorded outside of China.

The Vatican took the drastic step of canceling the celebration of Easter Sunday as leader of northern Italy warned they ran out of beds and an artificial respirator.

Pope Francis left the Vatican City on Sunday “on the feet, as if on a pilgrimage” to pray in one of Rome’s cathedral for the victims of coronavirus pandemic, the Vatican said.

In France and Spain, which also has become Europe viral hotspots, cafes, shops and restaurants were closed.

France has ordered the closure of all non-essential businesses, while Spain went further, prohibiting people to leave the house except to go to work, get medical care or buy food.

Cases have also surged in Germany which would introduce border controls with France, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Denmark on Monday.

– Chaos at US airports –

United States imposed a ban on travel to countries in Europe’s Schengen free-movement area last week, and since it adds Kingdom and Ireland to the list.

The new restrictions throwing airports into chaos, with huge queues of passengers complain as the staff struggled with the new entry rules and regulations concerning medical screening.

US President Donald Trump tested negative for the disease, which came into contact with some members of the delegation from the Brazilian president who tested positive.

Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin said Sunday the impact of a pandemic that resulted in “slowdown” in the American economy, but he did not expect a full-blown recession.

The number of officially recorded cases of a new coronavirus globally reached 163 930 with 6,420 deaths, in 141 countries and territories at 1700 GMT Sunday, according to the tally compiled by AFP from official sources.

The death toll in Europe passed the 2,000 on Sunday.

This disease has now hit all global regions, tore sports and cultural calendar, shook the stock market and business – particularly low – and encourage often contradictory responses from the government.

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