NASA seeks students help to make the Moon, Mars mission a success

NASA has reached out to all people – including school students – in an attempt to make his Moon and Mars mission successful, the technology website reported End Gadgets.

According to the publication, NASA began its new round of the Moon to Mars Exploration Systems and Habitation Academic Innovation Challenge (M2M X-Hab) challenging students to learn and develop space-faring technology.

“The challenge will reward work on habitation, vehicle, robot advance mission, ‘base system’ [thinking autonomous missions and remote manufacturing technology] and human spaceflight architecture focused on Gateway months,” says the publication.

Students selected in the program will get the amount of $ 15.000 to 50.000 but the agency explains that the prize money is not governed only real product. It can also be given to research that filled the “knowledge gap” or reduce the risk, for example.

Proposals can be submitted to the agency by the 24th April.

According to the website, the competition may not result in a major breakthrough in NASA Moon and Mars expeditions but noted that similar competitions held in the past have developed an inflatable airlock module and other concepts which could play an important role for astronauts.

NASA said it hoped that the mission of the X-Hab M2M will allow it to focus on the broader issues involved with traveling to and living in places beyond Earth.

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