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Samsung is bringing a host of the Galaxy S20’s new camera and software features to last year’s Galaxy S10 and Note 10 lineups in a software update. The update will include camera, gallery, and sharing features.

Including Single Take, Night Hyperlapse, and more
The Single Take feature captures a number of different camera effects with a single press of the shutter button.
Image: Samsung
Samsung is bringing a host of the Galaxy S20s new camera and software features to last years Galaxy S10 and Note 10 lineups in a software update, the company announced today. The new features include camera functionality like Single Take and Night Hyperlapse, as well as new gallery and sharing features. Samsung didnt provide an exact date for the updates release, but said that it would be rolling out to select markets, including the US, in the coming weeks.
We were particularly impressed with Single Take when we tried it out on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The feature lets you hit the shutter button once and let the phone automatically capture a bunch of different camera effects at once. Single Take might not produce the best quality photos, but you get a fun selection without too much effort. Theres also Custom Filter, which automatically generates a photo filter from a pre-existing photograph, while a more advanced pro video mode gives you more granular control over your filming settings.
The gallerys Clean View groups together similar shots under a single thumbnail to keep your photo collection looking neater.
Image: Samsung
The forthcoming update will also include some low-light photography improvements. The S20s Night Hyperlapse mode, as its name suggests, is designed to offer better hyperlapse videos in low-light conditions. The Galaxy S10s regular Night Mode will also see improvements as part of the update, to bring it more in line with the Galaxy S20 series. When we reviewed the S20 Ultra we found that its low-light photography software couldnt quite match the likes of Googles Pixel 4, but S10 users should still see an improvement compared to what they had before.
Finally, there are a couple of more general software updates. The gallery app across the S10 and Note 10 lineups will get a new Clean View mode that groups together similar shots under one thumbnail to keep your photos looking more organized, and theres also a new Quick Crop mode. Quick Share and Music Share features are also coming to the older devices. We complained that Samsungs software is starting to feel a little bloated in our reviews of its 2020 devices, but in many cases you can customize the phones UI to your liking.
The features will be a welcome addition for any existing or prospective owners of last years Samsung devices. We generally liked the new features when we used them on the Galaxy S20 lineup, and now theyre available on older hardware thats often available at a fraction of the cost of this years phones.

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