Trump tests negative for coronavirus, says his doctor

President Donald Trump has tried negative for the novel coronavirus, his doctor said Saturday, following worries over his introduction to a malady that has incapacitated the globe.

Trump consented to the test in the wake of interacting with a few individuals from a Brazilian presidential assignment visiting his Florida resort who have since tried positive for the infection.

“Tonight I got affirmation that the test is negative,” the president’s doctor Sean Conley said in a reminder.

“Multi week subsequent to eating with the Brazilian assignment at Mar-a-Lago, the President remains manifestation free,” he said.

Trump, 73, had expelled worries over his presentation to the sickness which has executed at any rate 51 Americans and overturned the mood of day by day life the nation over, with millions telecommuting and schools covered.

New York, the most crowded US city, saw its first coronavirus passing on Saturday, as store racks were stripped uncovered following quite a while of frenzy purchasing.

“I have experienced Hurricane Sandy… through 9/11, I have never observed shopping this way,” said Larry Grossman, chief of a Manhattan store.

VP Mike Pence on Saturday reported a further limitation on movement to the United States, saying a movement boycott forced on European countries over the pandemic would be stretched out to the United Kingdom and Ireland Tuesday.

Trump exhorted against unimportant travel, and said authorities were thinking about impressive travel limitations inside the United States.

“In the event that you don’t need to travel, I wouldn’t do it,” Trump said at a White House news meeting. “We need this thing to end. We don’t need many individuals getting contaminated.”

Trump announced a national crisis on Friday in what pundits state was a since a long time ago deferred confirmation of the gravity of the emergency, opening up some $40 billion in a debacle alleviation reserves.

Late Friday, the US House of Representatives passed a bill – made by Democrats in conference with the Trump organization – to give billions of dollars to free infection testing, crisis paid wiped out leave and family leave identified with the pestilence.

Upheld by Trump, it is relied upon to effortlessly pass the Republican-controlled Senate one week from now.

Updates on Trump stepping through the exam denoted a further defining moment, following quite a while of protection from the proposal.

– A conclusion to hand-shaking –

The coronavirus pandemic has guaranteed in excess of 5,700 lives in somewhere in the range of 137 nations.

More than once assaulted for conveying blended signals on the wellbeing emergency, the president caused a stir on Friday when, in opposition to clinical guidance, he was considered shaking to be as he assembled his coronavirus reaction group at the White House.

On Saturday, he accused propensity – “individuals put their hand out… you don’t consider it” – yet said it would need to change.

“Possibly individuals shouldn’t shake hands as long as possible,” said Trump, a self-proclaimed germophobe, “on the grounds that it transmits influenza and different things.”

Trump’s infection test came after contact with the Brazilian appointment, yet additionally US administrators and political pioneers who have gone into self-isolate over potential contamination.

Republican National Committee administrator Ronna McDaniel was on Saturday anticipating aftereffects of an infection test after she caught influenza like side effects. She supposedly gone to an occasion in Florida with Trump on Monday and flew back to Washington on Air Force One.

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