Woman makes artificial leg for husband from items found in their shed so he didn’t have to wait six months f – The Sun

TEACHER Steve Watsons wife made him a false leg in their shed so he didnt have to wait six months to have one fitted.
She used a block of wood and an old moon boot after experimenting with a sandcastle bucket.
Steve Watson’s wife made him an artificial leg at homeCredit: North News and Pictures
Atchari used a block of wood and an old moon bootCredit: North News and Pictures
Steve, 57, badly broke his right leg in 2018 after jumping off a 5ft wall and landing awkwardly on it.
Following a series of operations, he had the lower part amputated in January.
But after being told he may have to wait six months for a prosthetic his wife Atchari, 46, set about making one.
Her first attempt used a childs seaside bucket.
But Steve complained it made him look like a pirate.
The bucket was also too loose to fit around his stump.
Atchari, a restaurant worker from Thailand, then used the moon boot Steve wore after first injuring himself.
Steve, of Shotley Bridge, Co Durham, said: It is really good. Im never going to be in the Paralympics but Im chuffed with it.
I didnt want to be in a wheelchair for six months so Atchari came home and I saw her rummaging around in the shed.
“She emerged with this yellow bucket and some wood. I said what are you doing?.
She replied: I am making you a leg. I thought she was joking.
The next thing I know she has got this thing that looks like something off a pirate ship.
Atchari said: I thought I have to try so at least he can walk.
But he still has to be careful. We dont want him to break another leg.
Steve is now able to teach kids of key workers. He said: I want to show them what is possible if you dont give up.
The NHS have got far more important things to worry about than my leg at the minute. There are people far worse off than me.
Steve was told he may wait six months for a prosthetic at the NHSCredit: North News and Pictures
Steve broke his right leg after jumping off a 5ft wallCredit: North News and Pictures
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